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Seaplanes West Inc. Engine Mounts
All our engine mounts are manufactured using factory approved jig fixtures, and tested welders. All welds are stress relieved and inspected and tested. ALL steel is 4130 aircraft moly-chromium construction for highest strength and lightest weight ratios. Tubular members are treated internally for corrosion resistance and weld sealed. Each product goes through a series of sign-off checkpoints that proves quality and reliability is assured. Each engine mount is re-checked for fitness prior to being catalogued and then issued a serial number. Our approved and licensed structural manufacturing status with full traceability on all materials and workmanship is your assurance of nothing but a true quality product. We guarantee it!

Approved in FAA, Canada and EASA.


The early model Cessna 180 airframes: A new and improved tip-out engine mount with enlarged Lord Mounts will be available soon. Call us for details.

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No exchange mount required, No core charges, No extra return freight.
All pricing in US dollars, NO U.S. export taxes.

Engine mount:  Required to support an engine and steady it in all aspects of flight. 

We have found through the last 50+ years of experience that this has been overlooked by engine builders, propeller manufacturers and airframe builders.  What your engine is resting on and bolted to is the number one source of vibration thru the cabin and airframe.  We run aluminum skins fastened with 1/8” aluminum rivets every 1 – 2 inches apart.  The engines we use are air cooled and hence require large tolerances for piston to cylinder so we don’t seize them up upon cooling and heating.  This is totally unlike car engines that are controlled constantly thru water jackets.

Our experience shows that airframes are getting weaker mainly due to vibrations from engines, taxiing, stop/starts.

History and new technology has made us all smarter. Let me explain.
Cessna designed the 182 for a 230 hp and a 2 bladed prop. Most 0-470's are vibrators at best and the slower turning "U" engine is even worse.  Just that most pilots do not even know there is a vibration, and they think its just supposed to be like that. It gets much worse if you were to do an engine upgrade to more horsepower.

March 3, 2010

I recently finished installing one of your engine mounts on my A185F and I have to tell you I was more than a little apprehensive because of the cost but after spending 12 hours of flight time with it I am more than satisfied. It’s not very often that a modification does all that is advertised but your engine mount is the exception. I fought vibration problems in this airplane since the day I purchased it and now it is turbine smooth.

From the installers stand point it is also high quality, everything fit as good and in some cases better than a Cessna mount, for example the exhaust has more clearance.

I spend around 250 hours a year in this airplane and your engine mount is going to make those hours much more enjoyable plus I know my airframe will last much longer.

Thanks again

Les C. Hartley, Alaska

If you look at your original mount, there isn't much there, plus it utilizes some small isolators, which seem to need replacing every 300 - 500 hours because they sag - and when they sag the trust line changes and you also get degraded performance. Having said that, the isolators are definitely too small for this engine - and these are the 470s.

We have addressed all these issues and totally designed a new engine mount to replace your existing.  We manufacture these for all Cessna 180, 182 and 185s. 

The re-designed mount was initially to address the issues with the standard engines, mostly Continental 0-470 thru to IO-520.  But there are numerous STC’d engines available to increase horsepower to all these Cessna models.  There are numerous STCs for propellers, 2 blade and 3 blade designs.  All made by different companies and STC’d for your airframes.  Some engine mod shops require you to cut and move a crossmember to fit their engine, none have addressed the extra vibration problems associated with adding extra HP to this existing Cessna mount.  When you add more horsepower plus a heavier propeller to the existing firewall, everything needs to work in harmony to have a balanced system.  Our engine mount and isolators are designed to finish off and balance that system.

A lot of owners will add 3 blade propellers to their airplanes and experience added vibrations.  In 1979 Cessna issued a service letter for the C-185 and IO-520 that recommended a “3 blade mount” for their McCauley prop options.  The problem was identified way back then.  While this new mount did improve the Cessna 185, it was not taken any further.  Cessna replaced large isolators to the AFT positions only.  The small rubbers still remained in the front positions. 

Our mount uses these large rubbers (pictured) in all 4 positions!  

This equates to … less fatique, less avionics wear, more passenger comfort, less airframe noise.  It has been said that our system is turbine smooth.  Most test drivers cannot believe the difference.  Our experience is that the engine runs EVEN SMOOTHER with a 3 bladed prop installed vs a 2 blade.  This is due to the extra weight on the mounts which they were designed for.  You owe it to yourself to try one out.  With our mount on your airplane, run the rpm right up to red line, and slowly back it down to 1500 rpm – you won’t experiencing any shaking. Better yet, try this exercise out first on your existing mount ... our mount is cheaper than the competition that uses the old system of rubbers, and way cheaper than Cessna factory prices.  The Lord rubber isolator mounts are expensive, but they are designed to go the distance and definitely won’t require any changing between overhauls.


Floatplane notes:
On wheel operations you get the benefit of ridding some engine vibration out thru the wheel gear that hangs down there with rubber tires on the ends of these struts. Floats do not have this feature because the vibrations go down the strut around in a circle thru the float and up the other side - back into the cockpit. Hence the problems are more extreme while on floats.

Our same STC will let you add 1/4" stainless "cabin rod wires" to the 180, 182 and 185 fuselage that mount in thru the windshield opening.  These cross wires strengthen and provide needed support by attaching to the wing root and crossing over to the opposite engine mount attach bolt.  STOPS all squeaking and shaking when on taxi, takeoff and landing rolls - especially in rough fields. This can only be good.

We are very pleased with the performance. It has been said that the 520 engine runs "turbine smooth" in our mount.  Remember… you won’t experiencing any shaking.


Read what people say about our product ...

As advertised the heavy duty engine mount along with a 3 blade prop runs smooth and quiet. The right hand control yoke used to shake like the hands of an old man with Parkingson's disease. Now it is perrfectly still! Great product! If I had known it would have been one of my first mods. Incidently I went with the 82" C401. Gained a bit on T/O and climb without sacrificing any speed in cruise.

John Radomsky, Cessna A185F

I just completed a firewall forward rebuild of my Cessna 180J including your Seaplane Engine Mount. I have to say it has made an unbelievable difference in both the noise and vibration of the airplane.

If only I knew then what I know now. I had heard stories of the difference your mount made but I had no idea until my first test flight that it would be so dramatic. My panel is now rock steady at ALL power settings and there is NONE of the vibration in the yoke or pedals that I had always assumed was just the way it is. It seems that the airplane is 50% quieter in cruise.

Thanks again for developing such an awesome upgrade for these airplanes.

Greg Corrado, N7521K, Port Orchard, WA

Cessna 180/185 Club member

"My C-185F Skywagon on Straight Floats with the 520 engine and 3 bladed prop has had a vibration since I have owned it. I had replaced the motor mount rubbers and had the prop overhauled and still had the vibration, which got progressively worse. After just one flight with my new Seaplanes West Motor Mount, I thought I had a new plane! I now have no vibration, and, at the same power setting,
I have gained 9 knots! I also realized a tremendous difference when shutting down! No more shake! I have no doubt that the mount will save on future repair costs because of the immense smoothness. I have already, and will continue to recommend Seaplanes West Engine Mount.
       Thank you Jim.
Jacki Rogers
Naples Seaplane Rides

SPW Note: Jacki, we've heard this many times! The added airspeed you mention is attributed to returning the engine thrust line back into the position it was intended to be. The smaller LORD mounts found on ALL Cessnas tend to lower this line down especially because of weights and this throws everything off. All Cessna and aftermarket mounts have those small (J6545-1) isolators in the FWD positions as compared to our J15198-2.

From a Seaplanes forum... (Feb 2007)

I had a 1974 185 IO-550 with the heavy Kosola 3 blade mount, very nice mount. I just installed the Seaplanes West mount on my new 1976 185 with the 520 and a 2 blade prop. This mount is fantastic!! I think it is much better than the Kosola which IS a good mount. I nearly choked on the price of the SPW mount and wondered if I made a mistake, that was until I flew the airplane with it installed, WOW, very smooth! Smooth will save you money in the long run since the vibration levels are reduced and that's better for just about everything on your airplane, think about it, pay me now or pay me later. I have NO connection with Seaplanes West, I just love their product ... you get what you pay for. This is the cheapest way to go in the long run. I have to strongly disagree with anyone who thinks that it's just adding unnecessary weight (6 lbs) and expense to the airframe. I want my airframe and associated components to last a very long time. Smooth preserves them .. thats my 2 cents worth...

Kurt Wien, Kalamazoo MI

"I had Seaplanes West install their 182 Cabin Wire Kit to strengthen up the cabin, and I haven’t heard a squeak yet.  This is an incredibly solid fix – just like a new plane.  I recommend this to all Cessna 182s, as it will really save your airframe." -Don Fraser

"My first flight test after the engine mount replacement felt like a 'turbine smooth' engine. I could hardly believe the difference. I would be happy to recommend your mount to any shaky, vibrating 182 owner with or without floats!" - Robert (Bob) Mace

"Our 182J has always had a slight vibration, but not anymore! It is incredibly smooth, and there is no longer that great shudder when it is shut down. We would be more than happy to recommend the mount to anyone" - Dick Munro

"Fantastic!!!! Wish I had all the money back I have spent on balancing etc. over the past nine years." - Paul Cromarty -
Cessna 185, Australia

Seaplanes West (Canada) 250-545-4884