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Seaplanes West Inc, Float Kits

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Seaplanes West Inc. What we do

Cessna 182 Super Sealane Conversion


Cessna 182 Floatplane Gross Weight Increase

it adds 410 pounds directly to your useful load!

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Canadian STC SA10-6

Gross Weight Sales Data

Gross Weight Comparisons

Now here's some 182 Value!


Building certified float kits for 30 years of 182 airframes

1956 thru 1986

We've tested and certified all 3 major brands of floats on the Cessna 182 airframe. We have put it thru the tests, and exceeded all requirements for certification, and done with a base-line original 0-470 engine and original 82" 2 blade prop. This way you can add any other STC that is compatible, including 520 and 550 engines, carb'd or fuel injected. And any prop thats compatible with the engine and airframe.

We do not convert the "re-start" 182's (S & T) primarily because we have found the airframes to be 200 lbs. heavier than the R models (which depletes your useful load). Lycoming engines are used in these models, and there just are not any STC mods for higher horsepower at this time, where in the Continentals there area vast number of proven HP increases available.

This is the Original ...

"Gentleman's Float Plane"

The Cessna 182 float conversion kit.  All our floats kits are STC’d by the FAA, Transport Canada, and EASA.

Seaplanes West offers a complete package to convert a Cessna 182 to float configuration.  With this conversion you are able to seasonally add and remove floats quite easily, usually within ½ day. 

Each float conversion includes a new engine mount.  This engine mount adds extra strength to the firewall area by spreading energy loads throughout the hard points on the firewall.  This is very effective while on floats because we totally remove the nose gear system and re-attach the floats to the lower outer corners of the firewall. 

When we designed this system, it was apparent that the original engine mount would be replaced.  Since we needed a new mount for bracing requirements, it was suggested that we address some of the vibration issues associated with all the Continental 6 cylinder engines.  Especially since there are quite a few STC’d larger horsepower engines available, plus larger and heavier propellers STC’d for these 182 airframes.  It appeared that no-one had addressed the engine mount isolators issue in these installations.  Simply because of these heavier assemblies themselves the original small rubber isolators couldn’t hold up for any length of time before collapsing, plus the technology used was designed in the 1950s. 

Seaplanes West added very large isolators to all 4 positions.  This was all incorporated into our new engine mount.  This mount remains installed for floats or wheels.  There are other design features that are covered further in our airframe data.

Our new engine mount system comes included in every float kit, it's ALSO available separately under a different STC number for all Cessna 180s, 182s and Cessna 185s (see our "Engine Mount" section for applicability)

All float conversions require bracing through the windshield opening.  This is provided through stainless cross-wires which are ¼” round wires that attach to the upper wing root and criss-cross just over the glare shield and bolt thru to the back of the upper engine mount bolt. 

Alternatively, a V-brace is still available for the pilot that wants a 1/2" stainless solid tube. 

This also provides bracing while on wheels.  This eliminates cabin squeaking and rocking that is heard while taxiing around at airports or strips.

Water rudder steering works directly off the rudder pedals and independant of the air rudder.  A ventral fin is provided that provides required directional stability.

There are a few internal stiffening doublers in behind the firewall plus one external all formed and included.

We install lift-rings for hoisting, re-fueling handles and re-fueling fuselage side steps.

You should call Seaplanes West with any questions that have not been addressed here. We stand behind our products and love to discuss them with you.

Hangar requirements for Aerocet 3400 on the Cessna 182 = 13' 2" door opening to roll right in!

For the past 16 years we had only offered this conversion as a kit form. We have recently changed our policy to streamline installs here at our facility and we now offer the expertise that created the 182 floatkit.

We also offer complete airframe strip & paint, upholstery. Everything for a one-stop conversion in our 12,000 ft facility ... (lakes here are open year round for your off-season float training)


90 miles north of the US border.

Yes, we absolutely have pick-up and delivery ferry service available.

Canadian dollar labor rates!

What a great time to book your float conversion in. We can do your conversion, install the floats and have your ride ready for spring .. but don't delay, call us today!


Newest project !

King Katmai 182 on Aerocet Amphibs

Call us for the results!


From this '73 182P back in early 2015

to this ... "newest member" of the

IO-550 Super SeaLane

Congratulations Eric, It's been a blast building your dream 182 for you!

Oshkosh 2016 Winner for Best Seaplane -- Eric's Cessna 182

Interesting stories

to read about float flying ... or is it fly-in fishing? No wait! at the end of the trip it's got nothing to do with fishing .. it's about flying and dealing with what's next.

And having the time of your life doing it!

just click on the reg.

N567DG Story


N300BS Story

Wide Body ... 1962 E thru 1986 R models:

These models have the wider cabin and are very attractive for this reason, especially while maneuvering on floats.  They provide more internal room and more comfort for the passengers.  1965 and newer Cessnas changed to a 10” wider horizontal stabilizer and this provides added stability and performance.  This float kit converts all 1962 thru 1971 which have “flat gear” wheel attaching, or 1972 thru 1986 “tubular gear”. 

The ultimate models are the P, Q and R's due to the availablility of performance STCs, plus our Gross Weight Increase fits these. (note: it is the same costs to convert a 1956 or a 1986)

Float Kit Conversion:  21,700. Installed.

We do sell our kit for field installations but due to complexities, we recommend a qualified structural installation shop. $13,000.

Our 182 airframe float conversion accepts all these following float model options:

Approved floats for our Kits on E thru R models:

Aerocet 3500 straight floats
Aerocet 3500L straight floats
Aerocet 3400 Amphibious floats

EDO 2870 floats straight floats
EDO 2960 floats straight floats

Wipline 3000 straight floats
Wipline 3000 amphibious floats

Aerocet and Wipline floats are usually only available new. All new attaching is designed and provided for your specific model.  See Floats Section for further info and contacts.

EDO floats, Please note: When you purchase a set of used floats the attaching gear is usually provided - for 180 or 185. We are able to machine 4 of the old struts and hardware for the 182, or we can provide new all the attaching struts and hardware.

Flat Gear models: Basic kit 4,800. *Or buy only what you need.

Tubular Gear models: Basic kit 5,290. *Or buy only what you need.

*Some used struts and deck blocks are required out of your used material.  Be sure to call for correct information about this.


Info on Cessna 182 S & T models ...

We have been getting inquiries regarding these newer Cessna 182 airplanes converting to floatplanes ... So here's the deal with some history.

We presently do not offer float kits for these S & T models. Yes the airframe is very similiar to the earlier models, but Cessna changed the engines to Lycomings, where all the earlier models are fittied with Continentals. Having said that, we always like to have options available to customers for their specific requirements. We cannot offer or refer to any STC engine upgrades for these Lycoming models at present. There are some engine shops working towards this, but nothing present. Some shops are working on removing the Lycomings and installing proven Continentals ... WOW - how expensive is that going to be! Or even the costs of a Lycoming 580 ...

So ... until the engine market has some flexibility, we are not going there. Yes our SPW float kit will bolt right onto these S and T's, no problem. And we completed the majority of our Gross Weight testing at 3500 lbs. But these newer S & T models are very attractive with the Garmin glass panels, but be aware that these basic airplanes are also some 200 + pounds heavier than the P, Q and R models. O yes there is another small thing --- these GARMIN glass panels are NOT certified with this 580 engine in a Cessna 182 so what's up with that?

So if one adds the Lycoming 580 costs plus about $90,000 worth of just wing upgrades - to get less than 1000 lbs. useful load? Thats like ... 500 dollars a pound! Ouch

Here at Seaplanes West the current upgross STC kit allows higher useful loads, a proven track record, and satisfied customers - now we are going somewhere .. at 29 dollars a pound.

There are a lot of very nice low-time 182 P, Q and R models available for float conversions. If avionics are what you desire, the addition of some Garmin glass panels can achieve a better floatplane product and at a reasonable cost.

Now it's starting to come together

Have a look for a sweet low-time 182 airframe (we can also help with that) and do a custom built float conversion with the horsepower you desire and the floats that best suit your flying needs. We certify the Aerocet, EDO and also the Wipline 3000 floats all on our same float conversion. It doesn't take long to do a conversion.

We also provide pre-buy service, inspections, re-locating and ferry flying and cost-effective budget planning.

We only specialize in the Cessna 182 airframes, so call us up anytime and get some great floatplane information ... it's on us ...come join the wonderful sport of float flying.

EDO 2870 floats

Narrow body ... 1956 thru 1961D models:

1961 Cessna 182C on EDO 2960 floats

This STC incorporates a complete fuselage conversion package.  These narrow bodies are the same fuselage as a 180 or Cessna 185 body.  These models are significantly lighter than later 182 models and are very attractive to many for this reason as a floatplane.
EDO 2870 or EDO 2960 straight floats are approved for installation.  These floats are aluminum and are only available used - we do not provide these floats.  When you purchase a set of floats the attaching gear is usually provided - for 180 or 185. We are able to re-machine some of the old struts and hardware for the 182, or we can provide new all the attaching struts and hardware for these 56 – 61 models. 

Complete Airframe Float Package Installed: 21,700.00

Kit is 13,000.00 shipped.

EDO floats: Basic 182 attaching gear $5,000. *Or buy only what you need.

*Some used struts and deck blocks are required out of your used material.  Call for correct information about this.

See EDO FLOATS section for further specifics

(Prices are subject to change without notice)

Most pricing in USD dollars. Prices subject to change.

Seaplanes West (Canada) 250-545-4884