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Anchorage, Alaska:

Oshkosh, Wisconsin:

Greenville, Maine:
Always a great seaplane showing. Seaplane competitions all week.

The Cessna 182 SeaLanes fitted with IO-550 from AirPlains Services and 3400 Aerocet amphibs keep winning the 300 H.P. take-off contests. Even after 10 years of take-off competitions vs Wipline floats we still shine ---

Fast-forward - 2015 ... rumors say the Aerocets/SPW conversion cleaned up on the new "Boss 182" with their own style composite floats.

Did you know that all the Cessna 180 and 185s share the same inside cabin width as a Cessna 172?

The 206 and 182 share the same dimensions, and they come with a huge back seat for passengers, which makes them very attractive for floatplanes.

Seaplanes West (Canada) 250-545-4884