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Tips and Tricks


Do I need to fly my airplane to your facility for the float conversion?

This is recommended, but not entirely required. The float kit is technical and does require a structural repair to the airframe to complete a quality installation. We will sell the float kit and you have it installed locally. We can offer phone and technical support.

There is always an advantage to have the designer's facility install the float kit. Usually there are templates, new designs, and the like that are incorporated into the install that no-one even thinks of.

Can I install your engine mount now since I am doing an engine change, and purchase the float kit at a later date?

Yes, that product is also offered under it's own STC without the float kit. Usually what you paid for the engine mount is deducted from the float kit. It is the same product and has many benefits for wheel operations beside floats.

What about a larger engine? I hear there are many mods available for the 182s? Have you checked them out?

There are many engine mods out there. The best we have run into is the IO-520 and the IO-550 fuel-injection. This is a much more superior system for many reasons and there are kits complete and including a new prop.

There is a rumour flying around that you are working on an increase in gross weight while on floats?

Yes, this project is now complete, visit our "Float Conversion" page for more detail. We actually add 400 pounds directly to your useful load!

Can I change floats to different makes, or even amphibs without changing or re-doing the float kit?

Yes, the float kit remains constant for all floats. Only the STC is different and needs to be upgraded for a change .. this is available for a nominal fee.

The cabin wires look like they would be a nuisance to look through.

Actually these solid stainless rods are 1/4". They are very pleasant in position -much like your compass. The job they do is so important as they hold the whole airframe square and virtually illiminate the squeaking you hear while taxiing and they provide the required bracing. I strongly recommend owners install them in their wheel airplanes.

How long does it take to do a seasonal change back to wheels?

Usually we do it in half a day. Amphibs take a little longer because wires and hydraulic lines need to be capped.

Can I get you to give me a float check-out and possibly even a float rating?

Yes, we have commercial seaplane pilots that can give you a thorough check-out. We suggest we use your airplane, as this is the one you would be flying. Costs will vary with amount of effort and time required, rates are $55.00 US per hour. You can do it once you have the floats installed and rigged.

Do I need an engine upgrade to fly floats on my 182?

No, all of our STC flight certification was completed with the 0-470 engine and original 82" prop - even the amphibious models. Cessna 180s have the same engine as the 182 and those seem to be doing all right. While there is nothing better than available horsepower in any floatplane, the 182 with a 0-470 actually performs very well ... just respect it and don't overload it.


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